Installation — interactive object

Object in the form of a fountain, which admittedly takes phallic shapes, outgoing water is the ejaculation of ideas, instincts, passions, trauma, frustration, deprivation.

On falling water is aimed projection of erotic themed photo on the border between glamor – act – pornography. Projected pictures are not static, falling with a current that is seemingly pulls down.

Projection is controlled by minicomputer that allows interactive input of viewers. Through the Internet, the viewer can upload their own photos, which are automatically transcoded into video format and included among other videos. The spectator has a chance to express themselves through upload their own content regarding their frustration or passion. Images are then carried away a stream of water and catharsis occurs.

The system operates in a loop and endlessly repeats randomly selected content.

Photo credit: Miroslav Chaloupka

Porntain #contemporary #art #fdu

Video zveřejněné uživatelem Luděk Černý (@ludekcerny),